How can add a code box in Blogger post? || How can add a text box in blogger?

How can add code box in Blogger post? || How can add text box in blogger?

Can you want to add a text box or code box in blogger posts but don't know that how can be done it?

Then don't worry today we discussed this that how can we add a code box in blogger post? or how can add a text box in a blogger post?

So welcome to our rising family. I'm your friend VISHWAS SHARMA. Before we start our discussion see if brief that what is discussed today-

So Let's get started.

What is a code box? | What is a text box?

In simple language Code box or a text box is a box-like section in any article or blog post.

See the example of the code box/text box.

What are the requirements of a code box in Blogger post? | What is the requirement of a text box blogger post?

It is another very Good question that why we use code boxes or text boxes in blogger posts

So listen to me, see my last post examples that are

If you check these posts then you find that I share some coding with you and using the code box. Because code box store the more core in less space just like this-

Simple codes-

<script type='text/javascript'>


// BloggerJS v0.3.1 

// Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Kenny Cruz 

// Licensed under the MIT License 

var urlTotal,nextPageToken,postsDatePrefix=!1,accessOnly=!1,useApiV3=!1,apiKey="",blogId="",postsOrPages=["pages","posts"],jsonIndex=1,secondRequest=!0,feedPriority=0,amp="&"[0];function urlVal(){var e=window.location.pathname,t=e.length;return".html"===e.substring(t-5)?0:t>1?1:2}function urlMod(){var e=window.location.pathname;"p"===e.substring(1,2)?(e=(e=e.substring(e.indexOf("/",1)+1)).substr(0,e.indexOf(".html")),history.replaceState(null,null,"../"+e)):(e=(e=postsDatePrefix?e.substring(1):e.substring(e.indexOf("/",7)+1)).substr(0,e.indexOf(".html")),history.replaceState(null,null,"../../"+e))}function urlSearch(e,t){var n=e+".html";t.forEach(function(e){-1!})}function urlManager(){var e=urlVal();0===e?accessOnly||urlMod():1===e?getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority],1):2===e&&(accessOnly||history.replaceState(null,null,"/"))}function getJSON(e,t){var n=document.createElement("script");if(useApiV3){var o=""+blogId+"/"+e+"?key="+apiKey+"#maxResults=500#fields=nextPageToken%2Citems(url)#callback=bloggerJSON";nextPageToken&&(o+="#pageToken="+nextPageToken),nextPageToken=void 0}else o=window.location.protocol+"//"+window.location.hostname+"/feeds/"+e+"/default?start-index="+t+"#max-results=150#orderby=published#alt=json-in-script#callback=bloggerJSON";o=o.replace(/#/g,amp),n.type="text/javascript",n.src=o,document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(n)}function bloggerJSON(e){var t=[];if(useApiV3||void 0===urlTotal&&(urlTotal=parseInt(e.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t)),useApiV3){try{e.items.forEach(function(e,n){t.push(e.url)})}catch(e){}nextPageToken=e.nextPageToken}else try{e.feed.entry.forEach(function(n,o){var r=e.feed.entry[o];,n){"alternate"[n].rel&&t.push([n].href)})})}catch(e){}urlSearch(window.location.pathname,t),urlTotal>150?(jsonIndex+=150,urlTotal-=150,getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority],jsonIndex)):nextPageToken?getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority]):secondRequest&&(nextPageToken=void 0,urlTotal=void 0,jsonIndex=1,secondRequest=!1,0===feedPriority?(feedPriority=1,getJSON("posts",1)):1===feedPriority&&(feedPriority=0,getJSON("pages",1)))}function bloggerJS(e){e&&(feedPriority=e),urlManager()}bloggerJS();



But if we use code box then see the magic

I think you understand the importance of the code box and answer that why we use the code box or tex box?

And now come on to our original question that is How can add a code box in Blogger post? || How can add a text box in blogger?

How can we add a code box in the blogger post? | How can ad a text box in a blogger post?

It is very simple. 

Step-1 Copy the code

<textarea autocomplete="off" spellcheck="false" style="background-color: #fcf5d8; border-color: rgb(173, 140, 8); border-width: 3px; color: black; height: 255px; margin: 15px 1px 3px 0px; width: 605px;">Your code or text is here</textarea>

Step-2 Pest this code in your blogger post HTML where you want to add a code box.

Step-3 Replace "Your code or text is here" With your code or text

That's all See your post.
I hope you can add a code box in your blogger post or HTML. If you face any problem or any other blogging-related information then comment in the comment section we waiting for your comments.

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