How can find the idea for a new blog post? | Find the Best idea for your new post?

As we know that every blogger face this common problem that when we start a blog then we have many of idea to write a post but when we wrote 10 or 20 posts then we confused that which topic we choose to our new post so today we know that wich platforms are available to your help in this problem.

So Wellcome to our Blog Times of Rising And I'm your friend Vishwas Sharma.

Join Quora

As we know that Quora is a large question answering platform, where peoples are asking the question and other peoples are given answers.

so if we utilize Quora then we able to find a large number of ideas for our new blog post.

so another question is that How can find ore blog related topic out of the whole question?

its answer is - >

  • Create an account on Quora (According to my opinion Sing up using google because its advantage is you don't need to remember an extra password).
  • Choose your blog niche-related category and join Quora space(Qura space is just likely our Facebook groups).
  • Search your topic and you find some questions related to your topic. For example-i am search AdSense then I find some question like What is AdSense ? or How can AdSense work? and other ones.
  • And the last step when you find questions then write a post and give answer these questions.

Important Tip of quora:

  • If whose question you find is Sort answering then my opinion is Cover 2-3 or more question in your single post.
  • Don't pest your post link directly on Quora in the answer section.
  • Remember that Quor's algorithm is very powerful and if you share links directly then quora are maybe Block you.
  • So how can share your link on quora? Write Answer in brief and Call that if you want to know more read my post and give your link.

Facebook Group

As We know that Many pages and groups are running on Facebook and many groups have a large audience.

If You join these groups then you find which problems are facing the group community and if you find the problem then write a helpful article on it. If you think then we two benefits are found here-

  • First is, we find our blog post idea
  • and another one is if you build up trust in the group then you may be gain traffic to your blog from here.

And which important Tips we discussed in the Quora section Sama are applied here also.

Questions hub

This is a product of google. as we know that Google is the most popular search engine in the whole world at present.

Millions of searches are made daily on Google But google not have the answer to all question so google build up the Question hub to collect all unanswered questions for our like bloggers.

That's Why if we answering these questions then We find a Topic for our blog post as well as find a traffic source also.

How can find a Question on Question Hub?

It is very simple, follow the below Steps -

  • Sign-in into Question Hub
  • Click on add Question
  • Choose your Category And Clock add button
  • When you add your question then click on Done
  • And now you redirected on the dashboard

How can Answer Question on Question Hub?

  • Before answering any question Write a post and publish it and copy its URL
  • Click on the answer on which question you write a post
  • and pest your link

That's all

Ask your Audience That what they want?

This is last but not least although it is very important if you have a large audience.

Ask them that what they want to know?


Here we share only some but important platforms only.

According to my opinion Don't run blindly to find your new post topic when you write sufficient content then google suggests the post topic in the idea penal section according to your content in the blogger when you go to write a new post.

I hope I explained your answer. If you have any other questions please comment in the comment section and don't forget to Follow Us.


Your well-wisher
Vishwas Sharma
(Founder of Times of Rising)