How do we remove /? M=1 from Blogspot blog? | How can remove ?m=1 from blogger URL?

Can you want to remove "?m=1" from your Blogspot URL ? can you want to convert your blogger URL into look like professional URL?

Then lets us know that How can remove " ?m=1 " from the blogger URL?

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Before we start the steps to remove "?m=1" from the blogger URL please know some following points carefully-

What is "?m=1" or "?m=0"?

This is the important thing that actually what is "?m=1" or "?m=0"?

This is a URL extension that shows only when anyone opens on mobile devices.

Can We remove "?m=1" or "?m=0" from the blogger URL permanently?

Its answer is, No. We are not able to remove it from the URL. But stop, doesn't go away.

Listen to me.

I have a trick for you to hind "?m=1" or "?m=0" from your blogger URL.

Pro's and Cons of remove "?m=1" or "?m=0" from your blogger URL


  • Your blogger URL look like a professional website URL


As above I say that the removal of "?m=1" or "?m=0" from your blogger URL is not possible that's why are we try to do it when we face the following issues -

  • When we insert a coding in our blogger HTML part then it is redirecting we so our websites take some more time to load. 

For example, Take our blog example When you open the on a mobile device see carefully it is redirecting to from because we use the script to hind "?m=1".

So finally I think you understood what I want to say.

And now we come to our actual question that -

How can remove ?m=1 from the blogger URL?

After a lot of research, I find the solution to this. We can remove it easily in 5 easy steps >

remove m from blogger URL

👉 Open the dashboard of your blogger

👉 Click on add a gadget

👉 Click on HTML/JavaScript

👉 Copy the following Script and pest it in content block(section)

👉 Click on save

That's all, Open your blog and see that ?m=1" or "?m=0" has been removed (hind) from your blogger URL and other one think as I say open your blog again if you try to refresh the older oper tab then you see the ?m=1" or "?m=0" in your blogger URL.

Final Conclusions / my opinion-

According To my personal opinion use this method only if you want that your blogger URL looks like a professional URL otherwise please skip it because negligible but yes it is affecting your blog speed.

I hope you have successfully added this code(script) to your blog. We like to know your thoughts.

If you also have any information related to blogging, then send it to us so that it is useful to everyone.