For beginner- Remove date from blogger post URL | How can remove date from blogger post URL

Can you want but don't know that how can remove the date from your blogger post URL? then you come to the right place.

Before we should start discussing that "how can we remove date from blogger URL?"

I want to discuss some extra points. If you want then you may be skipped and go to the direct on date removing method but

I think πŸ€” if you come with me then you definitely learn some new and useful knowledge.

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As we discussed the advantages and Disadvantages of the

removal of the "?m=0" or "?m=1" from blogger URL

in the Last discussions in the same way we discuss today.

So don't wasting time let's get started-

#1. Removal of Date from blogger post URL is possible?

It's not possible And can be verified my statement here-

But yes, I have a trick for hind Date from your blogger Post URL.

But before using it, my honorable friend plz read the article carefully because "Incomplete knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance."

#2. What is the benefits/advantage of removing the date from blogger post URL?

First of all, we discuss the benefits of removal of date from URL-

  1. Your blogpost URL becomes short.
  2. Your blog post URL looks like a professional website URL.
  3. Anybody doesn't identify that when you post your articles.

#3. What is the loses /disadvantage of removing the date from the blogger's post URL?

As we know that anything is not 100% beneficial that's why the removal of date from the blogger post URL also has some following disadvantages-

  1. First of all, You damage your raking because Your all old post URL is shown 404 errors.
  2. You must be required to be resubmitting all blogger post URLs in the

    google search console

  3. Your backlinks are also may be effective.

Q. Then what is my opinion?

Ans. My dear friend according to my opinion if you have written more than 5 posts and gain some traffic then don't try to remove the date from your blogger post.

but if You start a new blog and wrote only 1 and 2 posts or if you wrote some post but your post is not index in google search consol then you may be trying to remove the date from your Blogger URL.

I think πŸ€” you decided your decision that what you do.

#4. How can remove the date from your blogger post URL?

My dear friend, it is very easy.

We will be complete it in few steps-

Step 1-Follow the following screenshots actions-

Step 2- Find πŸ‘‰


πŸ‘ˆtag in HTML code

Step 3-Copy the script which is given belowπŸ‘‡ and pest just before πŸ‘‰


πŸ‘ˆ ;in your blogger HTML

Final conclusion

As you know and respect us that's why at my end I never suggest you try any method to remove date from blogger post URL if your posts are ranking on google or you post many posts.

But if you are a beginner then you may try it.

Try it and believe me it is converted Your blogger post URL into a professional URL.

I hope you have successfully added this code(script) to your blog. We like to know your thoughts.

If you face any problem with the code please comment, we waiting for your comment to improve our service.

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