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In this article, we know what is the best niche for you and your blogging journey and also discuss that which is the best blogging niche in 2021.

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Today I’m tried to help you to choose a perfect blog niche for your blog. We have done it in simple 7 following steps-

  1. Diside your blog lenguage.(Reason: Because we are written in only one particular language for a lifetime in a blog.)
  2. Think and write your best knowledgable 10 or more topic. (Reason: This will be helpful for you to find your actual interest and knowledge.)
  3. Search a profitable niche for blogs. (Reason: Because if you choose any niche which does not have potential then your precious time will be west.)
  4. Write 40+ post titles now. (Reason: This will be helpful for you to prevent the shortage of blog post topics just after starting a blog.)
  5. Get your best blog niche ready.
Best blogging niche for beginners in 2021.
Best blogging niche in 2022

So, without waste time, and lets get-go-

What is a blog niche?

It is simple. For example assume that you want to start a shop(blog) but the topic is that what is you sell(blog niche) in your shop like sweets, beauty products, Clothes, etc. Here the shop is your blog and which type kind of product you sell is your blog niche. That means after starting a blog we share some content with our audience and category of content called niche of the blog.

I think you understand that "what is blog niche?"

So come on next question that is-

How can choose the best niche for our new blog?

Actually, this is the real question of today, we continue it with some simple but important steps. So get start it.

  1. Diside your blog lenguage.

    This is the biggest and most important thing which is what is our blog language? Simply you can choose it on two basis-

    • If you want to target only your regional audience then choose your regional language which is google and google AdSense is supported.
    • If you want to target a worldwide audience then choose English or another most popular language worldwide.

    Here keep in mind that you understand the language very well which you choose because you don't will change it after writing a number of posts (You may change but it is not recommended because it is affecting your search engine rank largely.)

  2. Think and write your best knowledgable 10 or more topic

    This is another impotent thing because we go to start a blog where we share information in a large number of posts and if we don't have knowledge then we don't survive in any field.

    Most beginners are mistakes in choosing a perfect blog niche for them because they see only earning potential in niche although it is important but not only, many other things also matter like niche competition, search engine difficulty, and most important is your interest and knowledge.

    So don't see only the earning potential in any niche before starting a new blog.

    So now put on hold this article and get your copy/paper and pen and now start to write the 10 or more topic list in which you have interest and some knowledge.

    I'm assuming that you listed 15 topics of your interest and best knowledge.

    At now, come on to the next step

  3. Search which is profitable

    This is another important question that is "How can find the profitable blog niche?" because our ultimate goal is to earn money online that's why it is very important.

    You can find easily it by using google trends. Simply put your keyword and search it. here You see two types of graphs-

    1. Sessional traffic- It means which keyword you decide has trafficked in only a particular session and after that, it is lost traffic.
    2. Evergreen traffic -It means which keyword you choose that has searched all time So this is best for us.

    If you choose a sessional blog niche then you may be getting a lot of traffic in a session but after your traffic is a come on the floor so skip it. ( it is not recommended.)

  4. Write 40+ post titles now

    After the research on a profitable niche sort out its list into your initial 15 topic list.

    Write the 40+ blog post topic that you write after creating the blog. Hye doesn't confuse that why I say it. I say it because after starting a blog many bloggers although I'm also facing the content shortage problem when I start a blog, so write at least 40 blog post topics before creating a new blog to sure that you do not face the topic shortest at starting when you need to post an article regularly.

  5. Get your best blog niche ready

    After all, follow all the above steps I am sure that you have only 2 or 3 topics in your list and this is the final topic or we can say your blog niche to start a new blog. You can choose one of them 2 or 3 topics in your last list which you like very much.

  6. I know that you think why I say these steps to do and why I'm not giving you the list of best blogging niches to start blogging in 2021.

    Its answer is - it is not confirmed that you must have knowledge of my best blog niche list and when I give you the list you must try only it which is wrong way.

    But don't worry I have the list for you of "best blog niche idea to start a new blog"-

    1. Technical Blog
    2. If you have an interest in technology then it is the best niche for your blog because technology changes every day so you never face a shortage of content.

      In this niche, you may choose a micro-niche like Gadget reviews and comparison, Information about the latest innovation, etc.

    3. Travel blog
    4. If you traveling then this is for you. You can share your experience and reviews of different -different popular places as an online tourist guide.

    5. Fashion Blog
    6. This is an evergreen blog niche because from time to time a new faction enters into the market so you may choose a fashion blog niche if you love it.

    7. News Blog
    8. This is one of the fast and quickly growing blogs but its drawback is, for a news niche blog you just need a team because you need here sort but a large number of posts per day at the perfect time.

      If you are late then you lose very large traffic

    9. Movie and Music Blog
    10. Are you a music lover, if yes then you can choose this niche for your new blog.

    11. Education Blog
    12. I think that not need to tell about this topic because you know that what is its potential. Don't matter that what your job (a student or teacher) you can start it if you have teaching skills.

    13. Health Blog
    14. This is an evergreen niche but it is a very sensitive topic so only start it if you are related to medical otherwise don't work on it.

    15. Food Blog
    16. Affiliate blog
    17. Business and Digital Marketing Blog

Final thought

The niche selection is very important so don't take it in light because the wrong niche selection has been lost your all investments like your precious time and money both.

I hope this article is helpful for you. Please share your experience with us in the comment section and also tell us which point you don't find in this article but you hope and how many topics you get as your expectations.

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