What is Blogging? | How can start blogging?

After reading this article you will know that what is blogging? and how can we start blogging in 2021? so if you want to know this then stay tuned.

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So basically in this article, we will be to know what is blogging, why you start blogging, and how can we start blogging in 2021 in simple steps.

So don't waste time, let's get started.

What is blogging?

Blogging is not only a term as we think, it is a full process that occupied many steps in self that is-

  • Decide your blog niche.
  • Start a blog.
  • Keyword research.
  • Writing SEO-friendly and User-friendly blog posts/articles.
  • Publish articles/blog posts timely.
  • Share your content on social media and gain initial traffic for your blogging/blog.

If you will be working constantly with learning and sharing valuable content with your online community then after some time you will definitely start to earn money from blogging.

Why do you start blogging in 2021?

This is a very important question. Why will you start blogging? Because when we going to start any job then we must know beforehand why we will be done it and what its benefits are for us.

As you know in the world a very much number of people and everyone has their thoughts that are maybe different, so everyone has a different reason to start blogging.

For example, for me, this is a way to share knowledge with the community and build up my social image but at the same time, my friend wants to start blogging to earn money online.

But some following regions are usually the same to start blogging that is-

  1. Built up the social image
  2. Online earning
  3. Share your information and experience with an online community for help purposes and many more

I hope you will understand that what is blogging and why you will start blogging, so we going to the next question is how can we start blogging in 2021?

How can I start blogging in 2021?

If you want to start blogging only for experiments then it is not hard simply create a blog and start writing content and publish.

But if you are serious about blogging then it is something very very important. As we know that to get success in any work we need a correct specific planning and same time we must have some knowledge about this work.

So we e discuss here every step to start blogging-

  1. Choose your language

  2. The first and most important thing that choose your language to blog because usually, we don't change it after when once we start a blog and write some content on it so choose you is it carefully.

    And make sure that your language is AdSense compatible because in the future we may need to monetize our blog using Google AdSense.

    Choose blogging niche

    To start blogging we need to choose a particular topic {niche}. It is most important because if you don't select any niche and write content randomly then you never go ahead in blogging so if you see your career in blogging then choose a blog niche carefully.

  3. Start a blog

  4. After when we choose our blog language and niche next step is to start/create a blog. Basically, a blog is a place where you share your content with the online community to start blogging.

    To start a blog our 3 need is there, that is-

    After when you buy a domain and hosting then we create a blog.

  5. Represent your blog on social media

  6. After when you create your own blog then create social media handles to represent your blog with people.

    although at present many social media platforms are present like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

    , Koo, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and many more

    But you will be must create your blog social handle at least Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Koo, because as we know and if you don't know when I tell you that when we start a new blog then it will be take a time to gain traffic from search engine results so in this time period we will try to drive traffic n our blog from social media.

    So now the major part of the initiation of the blogging journey was complete and now one work remains that is content writing that is the soul of blogging.

    If your content is not powerful then you never succeed in blogging.

  7. Write SEO friendly and User-friendly post

  8. This is actually a challenging and hard-working part of blogging that writing many articles and not only article they articles was must be SEO friendly and User friendly.

  9. Share articles on social media

  10. When you published your article on your blog then share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Koo, etc. Because when you share your content on social media then there build up a community that is important.

    So share content on leading social media platforms.

  11. Create backlinks

  12. this is again important, There are many benefits of creating backlinks like gain traffic, Increase DA {Domain outhority}, that's why so never give up with creating backlinks.

  13. Final thought

  14. I hope this article was helpful for you and you got your answer about starting blogging in 2021.

    Tell us in the comment section, if we lose any important information by mistake or you have any doubt then also comment bellow we try to solve as soon possible.

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