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What is a guest post?

A guest post is nothing but a simple article that you write for other people's blogs.

What is the importance of guest posts?

This is a very important question that “what is the importance of guest post” because we write it on the cost of our very important and precious time.

So, the answer is it is very important for our blog because when we write a guest post for then we create interlinks of our other blog posts and get a backlink from each interlink. As we know that backlinks are a very important SEO factor to improve our domain authority (DA). And more backlinks are improving our blog DA and rank in search engine results.

How can write a guest post?

Guest post writing is not only one step that is writing a blog post but it a process there you follow the following steps-

  1. Choose the topic to write a guest post (generally it is the same as your blog niche).
  2. Search the blogs that accept the guest posts.
  3. Make a database of blog names with URL
  4. Contact with the owner of the blog.
  5. Write a guest post.
  6. Send the guest post to the owner of the blog/website.

Choose the topic for your guest post

It is a very important step before start writing a guest post if it depends on your blog niche type like if your blog is a micro niche blog then your topic is the same as your blog niche, but if your blog is a multi-niche blog then it is maybe different and totally depends on your mindset.

How can find the guest post accepting blogs?

Here are the many ways to find the blog to guest post like search engine [Google, Bing and other], Social media [Facebook groups, Instagram, Quora and other].

For example – First of all, join the groups, and after joining groups ask members that are anyone wants to guest post.

Make a database of blogs/websites

It is maybe new for you but, trust me it will be very useful for you because in your blogging journey you will need the blogs/websites for guest posting many times and there this database will help you to provide quickly the list of these blogs/websites.

You may be updating it time for better practice.

You may follow this format for creating a database

Last date of Update-Tuesday, 03 Auguest 2021


Blog/Website name

Home page URL

Contact page URL



Guest post URL if any posted











Check DA and PA of blog/website

I assume that you can find the blogs that accepting guest posts then check their blog/website DA & PA.

If their DA & PA is high as camper your blog/website then you may write a guest post for them but if their DA &PA is low as camper your blog/website then skip them and go to the next website/blog in your database.

If you have done this step then you find a shortlist of blogs/websites as a camper you make initially.

Read the instructions

After when you shortlist the database then read all the instructions given by the owner. Usually, here you can find-

  1. The all the topics which are available for a guest post on these blogs or websites.
  2. What is the type (Free or Paid) of the guest posts which they offer?
  3. What is the limit of backlinks per guest post that they allow?

Contact the owner of the blog/website

After when you shortlist the database then contact the blog or website owner for a more clear discussion about guest posts like-

  1. When do they post the post?
  2. What are the requirements of guest post and what is the limitation?
  3. What is the final price for guest posts (if they offer only paid guests posing)?

Write a guest post

After all, this is very important to write high-quality content using the following 9 points-

  1. Don’t copy content from anywhere.
  2. Don’t use online automatic article generator tools.
  3. Write self with your 100% afford.
  4. Write SEO-friendly and User-friendly articles.
  5. Build interlinks as the instructions are allowed.
  6. Check plagiarism with any online plagiarism checker tools (“keep it plagiarism free”).
  7. Add any missing or require information and remove unwanted information.
  8. Read the full article carefully and correct if any correction is found.
  9. Take a final preview of the article.

Send your post to the owner of the blog

This is the final step of “guest post writing” which is sending your article to the owner of the blog/website which you choose at starting for a guest post.

At last wait for publishing of the article.

Final thought

Guest posting helps to increase your backlink and backlinks are increase your Domain authority that’s why you must be written a guest post not in large numbers but according to need. Don’t use the “no follow” tag with the interlink because the “Nofollow” tag will convert your interlinks into a no-follow backlink and no-follow backlinks do not increase your “Domain Authority”.

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