How can write a user-friendly article in 2022?

If you want to “write a user-friendly article to rank on top positions of search engines” then make sure you read this full article carefully.

After this article, we should able to understand what is a user-friendly article and how we write it?

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Write user-friendly article

Before we go on the method of writing a user-friendly article, I want to share some extra relevant points.

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What is a user-friendly article?

This is nothing but an article that gives a better user experience to our users because they have some important features to explain the answer as easily as possible.

What is the importance of user-friendly articles/posts?

This is important because it serves better experience to our users or customer to understand our answer and if the user or customer experience is better then we got two benefits directly-

  1. Users will be able to read the full article with understanding, which means they will spend more time with us and this increases the average user time, which is good for us.
  2. If the user has a better understanding of your post then maybe a chance that they come back to our blog or website if they are the target audience that means we gain traffic.

How can write a user-friendly article?

This is nothing hard when once you understood it.

Quick style guide

  1. Add a table of content
  2. Break the long paragraph into two or more short paragraphs because short paragraphs are easy to understand when people read them.
  3. Use sub-headings
  4. Use images and videos
  5. Use bullet point
  6. Stay on the point which users are finding.

Here we discuss around 7 points to write a user-friendly article step by step.

So don’t waste time and let’s get start it -

Collect information

Collect a piece of sufficient information or knowledge about the topic which you choose to write an article or your blog post.

Although for experts it is very easy, if you are a complete beginner, it will be maybe tough but don’t worry, we have the solution to this specific problem.

Let’s take the example that you want to write an article about “how can make money online?” but you don’t have sufficient information then-

  1. Come on to google or bing or other search engines and search “how can earn money online?”.
  2. Now open the top ten search results and read them carefully with a learning mindset.
  3. Open the notepad and note down the important information like heading, lines which you think will be useful for you.
  4. After reading the top ten articles you should be gaining a piece of sufficient knowledge about your topic.
  5. So now start writing and you can maybe gain help from notepad data which is we collect at reading time.
  6. Make sure that doesn’t copy the data of the notepad, only use it as an idea and write in your word.


As we know that “the first impression is the last impression” so, the starting lines of the article are majorly decided that the user will be continued or they will be a bounce back.

So write a short intro (brief summary) of your article that today what are you sharing and how can it will be helpful for the users. If possible then give a reason to the users that why they read this article likeafter reading this article you will be able to understand that ____________. so read it carefully.”

Table of content

It is nothing but a user manual that is told to users which heading and subheading are we caver in this article and give quick access to jump any step that is good so add the table of content in your article, usually after intro or just above of blog post/article title.


Keep your language easy as possible, because maybe you are an expert but everyone is not, so for them keep it easy as possible.

Best answer

Today no one has time for wasting so stay on the point and give the answer to solve the problem of users, don’t explain your unwanted knowledge.

Use images and videoes

The images and videos are an important part of any article or blog post, especially if you explain any process as a tutorial. Because the images and videos are given the chance to the user for better understanding your tutorials.

In a general article or post, you may use the images just after headings and every 400 to 500 words.

The image and videos will give us extra benefits-

  1. It attracts the attention of users and
  2. It will also drive traffic on our blog from search engines image and video results.

Write a final thought

Write a quick summary or a final conclusion of the article.

Insert elements

The elements (like table, bulleted points or number list, and many more) are helping to design your article and making beautiful.

Ask questions to the user

Give a hidden command to users for sharing experience.

Final thought

These points are basic but important so please follow them to write a user-friendly article.

But if you don’t want to follow them then I have an alternative to this.

Ask yourself and your minimum of 10 friends who think attract them in articles or blog posts when they read them, note down all thoughts and use them in your article or blog post.

I wish this article will be helpful for you.

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