Query about subscribers increase and monetize?

Query about subscribers increase and monetize over the night

Today we are discussing YouTube channel marketing. Generally,  we see and get 20 to 30 queries of your questions like when our channel will monetize when its subscribers increase or it can monetize over the night. we received all types of your queries like this.

So, we want to say something that YouTube is a vast platform you never predict, it is like some people predicting about their channel will get monetized after this day or after hours. On YouTube, many channels got succeeded in one month only and they received a huge amount of revenue, a lot of channels are available on YouTube that started to earn from their channel. Their simple motto is to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 Hour watch time on their videos or playlists, and no matter whether they are getting likes, comments and reach the goals at a time but they are only looking for when it will monetize and the process does not mean for them who want to earn a good amount of revenue from their channel.

But this idea of getting traffic on your channel is not easy for all in rare chances some of the Youtuber will get this reach if it has a great fan following and quality of content is good they will do this only if you have a lack of good content and don't have the fan following then you will be not getting any result.

Because, YouTube is a very - very vast platform and it runs by the policy's like if your quality of content is good and you have a great fan following then YouTube will start to pay you or you can start earning from it.

There are two examples of it here like one YouTuber spent some money and then took years after years but was unable to earn 10 dollars per year and if one is not able to earn 10 dollars it means the content is not good.

So, it is a good thing that you should have to pay attention to your content because if the content should be good and the audience loves your content then you will be able to make a great fan following. It can take time like 3 to 4 months if you are doing your good then definitely you have a great fan following for forever or you have a lot of subscribers then your channel will grow up with these things and help you to earn more.

As for our experience, there are many YouTube Channel that has earned 40 thousand, 50 thousand or 100 dollars is normal income that our channel have but only if you have an organic reach not by a bot, fake, or by the robotic campaign but in reality, no one has watch rate for example:·

You have seen lots of channels that have 30 to 40 thousand views on their playlists but you noticed that the views are real because there should no comments on their channel.

When someone uploads the video, it did not get reach in first 4 hours and after 4 hours and later it has got 40 thousand views, but after 4 to 5 days it would stop and also 4 to 5 days later the reach had disappeared so this type of tasks is failed.

Where in reality no one has a watch rate and no reach are there but your views are increased it is good to see but not for your channel growth and your future. So, it is good to do not to go with a fake or robotic campaign to increase your channel.

Just focus on your content that is creative or it fulfills the customer's need by hiring YouTube channel marketing expertise.

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