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What comes to your mind when I say Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, Hitler, Nelson Mandela, and so on. The name is very important because it makes you an identity in the mind of the people.

The company name is our first and foremost asset that will stay with us as long as we are in business. Hence a good company name becomes very important.

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So without wasting time let's come directly to some questions and later on their answers, which will help us in choosing a good company name.

  1. What is the company name?

  2. The company name is basically the official and registered name of your company and business.

    For example, Shell, Phillips, Heineken, Unilever, KLM, ING, Tom Tom, Airtel , Tata and BAAN.

  3. What is the brand name?

  4. It is your name by which people will know you, it can be your company name or something else. The brand is a product of the company.

    Well, don't be confused, in the brand name and company name. Let us move on to the next point so that we can see the difference between a brand name and a company name.

  5. Difference between Company and Brand?

  6. So basically a company is the main organization or we can say the root of your business, and the brands are its branches. Are you didn't understand? Let me explain.

    Have you listened to the name of Paytm or GPay Or PhonePe and some other, yes, they are payment ways which we use a daily basis to pay or receive payments easily but do you know that actually they are not a company, yes that is the brand of some other companies, like GPay, is a product of "Google", Paytm is a product of "One97 Communications" and PhonePe is a product of "Flipcart".

So now I think you understand what is the difference between a Company name and a Brand Name. So we are going to our today's actual topic that is a plan to choose the best name for our new Company.

  1. Keep it Catchy and simple

  2. A simple name will help us to carve a niche in our customer's minds.

    For Example-

    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • GoDaddy
    • Mac
    • Micromax
    • Toyota
    • iPhone
    • Kodak, etc.
  3. Keep unique and short

  4. The first benefit of The unique name is it creates a totally different memory in listeners/costumer and the second is it helps us in promotion and marketing. So keep it in your mind at the time of choosing a company name.

    For example -

    • BMW
    • Mac
    • iPhone
    • TATA
    • NEXA
    • Nissan
    • Maruti
    • Toyota
    • Audi
    • Swiggy
    • Zomato
    • Amgen

    So we have to choose a name that is unique as well as easy to remember, so for that let's see the next point.

  5. Misspell the word

  6. The easiest way to make him unique is to misspell his name, I mean we can add or remove any letter from his spelling or replace the letter with another.

    Don't worry, let's take some examples -

    • Lift becomes Lyft
    • Tumbler becomes Tumblr
    • Flatter becomes Flattr
    • Cloud becomes Kloud
    • Read it becomes Reddit
    • E-buy becomes eBay
    • Google Pay becomes Gpay
    • Phone Pay becomes PhonePe
    • Zero becomes Xezo etc.
  7. Avoid ambiguous words

  8. Spend some time with cultural words

  9. Personalized

  10. This is another way to choose a name for our company. However, it has to be seen here whether it will work for us or not because it is very popular in western countries but in some, it does not work as much.

    For example -

    • TATA
    • Disney
    • Adidas
    • Jimmy Choo
    • Abbott
    • Dell
    • HP
    • Ford
    • Tesla
    • Philips
    • Parada
    • Ferrari
    • Mahindra
    • Honda, etc.
  11. Name shaw benefits or Describe your business

  12. It the name shows some benefits to customers that is another advantage for us. For example -

    • RedBus
    • Snapdeal
    • Sun Pharma
    • Book my trip
    • BadaBazar
    • Bigbasket
    • Bada Business
    • Grow More
    • Times of Rising

    This becomes beneficial for us as it gives a secret command to the customers like there is a hidden command in the name "Book my trip" that if you are thinking of a trip then come to me.

  13. Don't reduce future possibilities

  14. Avoid trademark words

  15. Check domain availability

Final Conclusions

I hope this article will help you in solving your question about choosing the best name for your new company. But because this is a very important decision for our business, I suggest you also read more guides for it that are available on different platforms.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for this article, please share in the comment section, we love your comments and suggestions as they help us to improve the quality of our services.


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